New - Taxi Rates 2013

How Much Do You Pay from April 1st 2013?

The following rates and taxi meter formula must be implemented on April 1st, 2013:

Type of Rates Rates Without GST Rates With 5% GST Rounded Rates With 5% GST Taxi Meter Forumla with 5% GST included
Flag 3.0772 3.2311 3.25 $3.25 for first 53.21 metres
Distance [per km] 1.7898 1.8793 1.88 $0.10 for each additional 53.21 metres
Wait Time [hourly] 38.5552 42.3767 40.4830 $0.10 for each consecutive 8.89 seconds (or $40.4830 per hour)

III. Applicable Licensees

This Board Rule applies to all Capital Regional District (CRD) taxi operators. See Appendix A for a list of CRD taxi operators. The list is subject to change.

IV. Dates

Start of New Rates: March 31, 2013 – Date of Rule: March 28, 2013

V. Other Rules

The “Board Rule Respecting CRD Taxicab Rates” effective January 14, 2012, is rescinded. The Board’s “Standard Rules for Taxicab Rates” of May 1, 2011, remain in effect.

More Information

To see official reference to this pricing chart please click on the image below.


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