Thinking about driving a taxi?

We need you!..

You can make it a career by driving full-time, or supplement your income by driving part-time. All taxis are leased at a fixed lease rate for either day-shift, or night-shift. Drivers are self-employed and are responsible for their lease and fuel costs.

Job Requirements

To drive a taxi in Victoria & the West Shore you must have:

Class 4 licence can be obtained at the Motor Vehicle Branch (McKenzie & Gordon)... More Info

The Chief’s or Chaffeurs Permit

The permit is a requirement for all cab drivers that are operating within the jurisdiction of Victoria Police Department. A Chief’s Permit can be obtained at the Victoria City Police Station (Quadra & Caledonia). This is a written exam with questions on streets & land-marks in Victoria as well as questions on Taxi By-laws. If the applicant has not previously held a Chief’s Permit, the tests start at 8:30am and are by appointment only. If the test is for a renewal, the tests are between 1:30pm and 4pm. The cost of the test is $50.00. You can obtain a chief’s pack from city hall.

Call (250) 383-7111 for more info and set up an interview.

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