Type of Rates Taxi Meter Formula with 5% GST included
Flag $3.85 for the first 44.57 metres
Distance [per km] $0.10 for each additional 44.57 metres
Wait Time [hourly] $0.10 for each consecutive 7.45 seconds

III. Applicable Licensees

This Board Rule applies to all Capital Regional District (CRD) taxi operators. See Appendix A for a list of CRD taxi operators. The list is subject to change.

IV. Dates

Start of New Rates: July 1, 2016 – Date of Rule: June 17, 2016

V. Other Rules

The Board’s “Standard Rules for Taxicab Rates” of March 31, 2016 applies to the licensees listed in Appendix A.

More Information

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Sample Destinations

Destination Estimated Fare
Victoria Downtown to Airport: $57
Victoria Downtown to Sidney: $62
Victoria to Swartz-Bay Ferries $66
Victoria to Anacortes Ferry: $61
Victoria to Langford: $33
Airport to Bear Mountain: $89
Swartz Bay to Bear Mountain: $98
Victoria to Bear Mountain: $41
Victoria to Sooke: $60
Victoria to Jordan River: $127
Victoria to Port Renfrew: $158
Victoria to Brentwood Bay: $54
Victoria to MillBay: $92
Victoria to Cowichan Bay: $178
Victoria to Shawnigan Lake: $89
Victoria to Duncan: $123
Victoria to Ladysmith: $174
Victoria to Nanaimo: $233
Victoria to Courtney: $437
Victoria to Comox: $428
Victoria to Campbell River: $510
Victoria to Uclulet: $587
Victoria to Tofino: $615
Victoria to Gold River: $685

All destination quotes are estimated. The costs to these quoted destinations may be lower or higher, depending on road and traffic conditions. Thank you for allowing us at Victoria/Westwind Taxi to be of service for all your transportation needs.

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